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At Moody Heating and Air Conditioning we typically always have at least one or two specials and or discounts in effect 12 months of the year.   We participate in all the TRANE factory programs which are typically ran three times a year.  In addition Moody Heating and Air Conditioning will run our own new equipment discounts when the TRANE factory programs end.  We also participate in the annual WABA Home Show promotion which runs February 1st through March 15th every year.  Finally, 12 months out of the year we offer Priority Customer discounts for our priority customers.   Examples of the some of these promotions are displayed below:

Trane Factory Promotions:  For current Moody Heating and Air Conditioning discounts please contact our office.

WABA Home Show:  Usually provides discounts on select equipment

Priority Customer Discounts:

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With Our Priority Customer Program:

10% Discount on all service repairs,  Lower Operating Costs,

Reduced Run-times, Longer Equipment life, and more!

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2019 Trane Fall Consumer offer:

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Special financing offers and rebates up to $500 valid on Qualifying Equipment only. Offers vary by equipment. All sales must be to homeowners in the United States. Void where prohibited. Offers cannot be combined. Instant Rebate offer expires 12/31/2019. Offers cannot be combined.  To obtain additional information concerning qualifying systems and their pricing, please contact Drew Leiker by email at : drew@moodyhvac.kscoxmail.com , call him at 316-262-7444.


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