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Gas Fireplace Repair

Gas Fireplace Repair

When it comes to a gas fireplace, it is best to think of it just like your home heating system. It requires regular maintenance just like your furnace. If it is not maintained on a regular basis, your gas fireplace can become hazardous to you and your family and end up costing you.

What all does Moody Heating and Air Conditioning do?

Just like your furnace, your gas fireplace should be inspected on a regular basis. This inspection includes:

  • Checking for carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks
  • Inspect the venting and door seals to prevent potential carbon monoxide leaks
  • Checking the burner for any problems
  • Adjusting the flame if necessary
  • We will go through the entire appliance to be sure that it is safe and working properly for you and your home.

It’s easy to tell a fireplace that hasn’t been maintained in some time. Cloudy fireplace glass. If this is not taken care of on a regular basis this residue can damage the glass in your fireplace and ultimately require you to replace the glass.

If your fireplace is not functioning properly then it’s time to call Moody Heating and Air Conditioning! **REMEMBER IF YOU SMELL ROTTEN EGGS YOU MAY HAVE A NATURAL GAS LEAK AND IT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN CARE OF IMMEDIATELY**