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Benefits Of Being A Priority Customer

Priority Customers are Moody Heating and Air Conditioning customers whom have our qualified trained technicians come to their homes or businesses for their equipment’s annual cleaning, safety and efficiency tune up. When you make a commitment to choose Moody Heating and Air Conditioning and make us your preferred heating and air conditioning professionals, we like to return the favor and demonstrate our appreciation by making you our “Priority Customer”. Priority customers receive very real and tangible benefits; some of those benefits are listed directly below:

Priority Response

Immediately moved ahead of non-priority customers. When our service department has more calls than service technicians, we will give priority scheduling to our Priority Customers.

No Overtime Fee

Should you need service or equipment repair at an inopportune time, there will be no additional overtime charges, regardless of what time of day or night it is (standard rates apply).

10% Discount On All Service Repairs

All service repairs (parts and labor). Should you be subject to an unwelcome repair, we will provide a 10% discount on the cost of the repair.

Lower Operating Costs

Clean, regularly maintained heating and air conditioning systems are more energy efficient and less expensive to operate. Clean, tuned, efficient systems have a tendency to add more heat and cooling to your home when operating than dirty inefficient systems.

Reduced Runtime

When you’re heating and air conditioning system doesn't run as long to do the same job, it saves you money. Clean, regularly maintained equipment has a tendency to heat and cool your home more quickly than equipment that has not been maintained.


To a new owner or to your new home should you move to another address in Wichita or within our service area.

Safer System

Clean, regularly maintained systems tend to be safer to operate.

Longer Equipment Life

Clean, regularly maintained heating and air conditioning equipment simply lasts longer than dirty poorly maintained equipment. When you are not repairing or replacing your equipment as often, you are saving money.

Fewer Repairs

Clean, regularly maintained equipment generally needs less repair work. Because clean, tuned, efficient components, parts and equipment will extend the equipment's life expectancy.

At Moody Heating and Air Conditioning, we know that quality equipment, in conjunction with a superior installation, and supported by routine maintenance, provides the best performance, efficiency and life expectancy.  This combination ultimately results in reduced utility costs, shorter run times, fewer breakdowns and improved peace of mind.

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